Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Sign From Palembang

First of all, the Annual Dinner I mentioned in the last post was as dull as dull can be. I don't have much to report from there. I made small talk with the big boss's wife. It wasn't too uncomfortable. Most of the time was spent telling her that first impressions of Palembang are deceiving and that its not just an overgrown village.

I left after the dinner but Richard had to stay back for a meeting with all the bosses. After that meeting, the big boss went off to bed but those middle bosses went for their usual drinking and karaoke-ing so Richard didn't get to come home to nearly 2am. That was expected I guess.

Anyway, at least they all left the next day and our lives are back to normal.

I came across an interesting sign today. It is not as "exhaustive" as the one at the Ipoh library but it was still interesting. This was hanging outside the entrance to the foot reflexology place I took my mother to this afternoon.

My mother and I had such an amazingly relaxing time there just now. I can't stop raving about it each time I have an afternoon like this come home to tell any of my friends that are online. Regular readers, you're all like friends to me too, if you somehow manage to find your way to Palembang, I'll definitely treat you to an afternoon of foot reflexology with the head/neck/shoulder massage. Anyone?


John said...

No sex? What kind of place is this?!

Mike said...

AW OH, No photos. Your in BIG trouble.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Now that sounds like fun! Foot reflexology is cool!

fiona said...

glad that you and your mum had a nice time. :) it's a place i'll like to bring my parents to if they ever come visit.

Bilbo said...

How could they have forgotten "No Pets"?

vw - eldiscos: where Mexicans of a certain age go to dance.