Monday, June 15, 2009

Please Leave, You're Stressing My Supervisor

I never thought it would happen to a goody goody like me but we were kicked out of the Perak State Library. Yes. Aaron, my gray haired mother and I were all asked to leave.

I really didn't have high expectations of the place but we were looking for was the cool air conditioning.

We went to the children's library first in an adjacent building. It was more a store room with only half an air conditioner working there so we didn't stay long. The books were mostly old and in poor condition anyway.

The main building was spacious, neat and nearly cold inside. The books were old and both the Malay and English books were shelved together. I ended up settling down with a Reader's Digest and was very contented. Aaron was kept occupied with his coloring pencils and notebook. My mother browsed the shelves.

I was seated for barely 10mins before I saw one of the staff approaching us, slowly. The whole time, I thought she was going to say something about Aaron. Maybe he was too noisy or maybe kids aren't allowed there...or he wasn't supposed to use the chair as a little table.

Instead, she said "Excuse me. Actually, you aren't allowed to wear sleeveless shirts in here. Also, no shorts are allowed. If you want to wear a skirt, it will have to be below your knees."

And then she added "You're stressing my supervisor."

Whats that last statement supposed to mean??

Anyway, as I walked to look for my mother, I saw that she was being told to leave too. We were both wearing sleeveless t-shirts and shorts that were just above the knees.

On the way out, we saw this huge noticeboard listing all the items you are not allowed to wear or bring in to the library. Its the longest list of prohibited items I've seen at the entry to anywhere! Click on the photo to have a closer look.

Thats one side of Malaysia for you. The side where middle ranking people with a little bit of power impose their unchecked views.

I suggested to my mother that we should go again. This time, we'll carry blankets in our bags to cover up if we're told that our arms and legs are stressing the supervisor. She thought we could try going with long see through sleeves and pant legs.

We'll see if we have time. This was the state library and I want to go check out the municipal library too.


Anonymous said...

Don't stress their male supervisor who could not resist seeing ladies with sexy unclothed arms!...ha ha ha!

I got one from my former company for wearing bermuda pants to the office during weekends.... make sure you are fully clothed in that hot country and do not expose a single hair ok?....LOL!

Bilbo said...

I guess that's what happens in a majority Muslim nation that gets spastic at the sight of any exposed female skin other than eyelids. Being an "arm man," I couldn't survive in a country where long sleeves were the rule. I like your Mother's plan to test the system...let us know how it works. P.S. - thanks for including the is truly one of the most comprehensive lists of "forbiddens" I've ever seen!

Mike said...

Looking at the sign, it looks like most kinds of clothing and shoes are forbidden. Is this a 'naked' library?

johnorford said...

my sister's friend has gone to malaysia for hols a few times. she says she often gets the odd tut tut...

something i don't think u'd get in most places in indonesia...

Tanya said...

You could take a couple of those huge rain ponchos next time ;)

Scott and Elaine said...

But it also says no bags allowed.. so you have to carry your blanket without the bag.. hahah!