Sunday, March 29, 2009

This Week's Foot Reflexology

It has been a busy couple of days over here. I'm finally making a move on the Toy Drive I mentioned three weeks ago.

We've also had some little visitors over for Aaron to play with. I get a little nervous when that happens but I know he's got to learn to socialize sooner or later.

And somewhere during the week, we must have come in contact with somebody with a cold because Aaron has picked up his second one in 3 weeks! Whats happening to his immunity?? Has this got anything to do with weaning?

Richard gave me a nice afternoon off by watching Aaron while I went for some relaxing foot reflexology. After what happened last week, I went to a different place today. At IDR 75,000 (USD 6.52), it is IDR 30,000 (USD 2.61) more expensive that the last place. These prices sound so cheap yet it is all professional and extremely relaxing. I'd go every day if Aaron was willing to sit quietly beside me and read or whatever.

The new place has a much wider range of massages and other pampering packages. Here are a few interesting points that I jotted down from their price list.

1) 4 day Beautiful Bride package costs USD104. Amongst the massages, facials, waxing and hair treatments, the package also offers "pelvic floor exercises" (which I always thought were internal exercises that only be done personally) and "intimacy care" whatever that means! I'm too much of a prude to ask....

2) They also have a 4 day Groom's package for USD87. This includes everything the bride gets, including pelvic floor exercises but not the "intimacy care".

3) And finally, there was the Post-Maternity Package (6 days). I forgot to write the price down but I think it was much more expensive at around USD350. Now here, they will give you "Back re-education" and "Pelvic Preneal or Uro-gynocological re-education". I copied it down exactly! I think the "preneal" was meant to be "perineal". What exactly do they do?? LOL!

I asked for the book with their price list and was reading through it while the lady was massaging my feet. After I got over the giggling and smiling while I studied their packages, I got out my pen and paper so that I wouldn't forget. I liked the therapist, very professional. She would discreetly look at what I was doing but never said anything. Unlike last week's chatterboxes!

*sigh* Its been a good afternoon. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend too.


Bilbo said...

I've never had a "foot" massage, but I have had a few massage experiences. You may recall my "seaweed massage" adventure I blogged about a while back...

Glad you had a nice time.

Amanda said...

Hi Bilbo,
You must try foot reflexology sometime. They work on all the little nodes on your feet that correspond to various parts of your body. So in the end, its not just your feet that benefit. I don't know why but I find this feet centered massage more addictive than a whole body one.

Mike said...

Sounds like you found the right place. Now you have to talk them into opening a daycare. With a sound proof room of course.

Kaylen said...

My feet are envious!! Last time I went for a massage (I go about every other month) and I told the lady: totally ignore my legs-i do not like my legs massaged. So she did....but then totally ignored my feet and before I knew it, my hour was up and my feet were sad and lonely!! I guess next time I'll be more specific! :)

fiona said...

intimacy care. i'm guessing.. waxing??

glad you'd a relaxing time. :)
Aaron, get well soon!