Monday, March 23, 2009

Famous Sate Soepardi

We've finally tried the famous satay restaurant in Palembang. Well, "sate" as the locals call it. In Malaysia, we call it "satay" but its pronounced the same way.

According to Wikipedia, sate may have originated in Indonesia. However, I see a lot more of it in Malaysia than here. In any case, several people we know in Palembang have raved about this particular restaurant but it has taken us 2 years to give it a go.

Maybe I had some unrealistic expectations after hearing so many good things about it because I'm not raving about the place yet. Richard and Aaron seemed to enjoy it but, while it was good, it didn't seem particularly special to me. I'll have to try it again since my expectations have now been lowered to a more reasonable level. I hate that about myself. I'm always building up my expectations on things.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

We learn all these new things and places!

fiona said...

Brian loves satay from there. initially i thought why the rave but then they grow on me. nice to dig into them n the ketupats on rare rainy nights.

Mike said...

I swear I left a comment here. I'll try again. I went back and looked AGAIN at the wiki article. Much to my surprise, this time I think I found a sata for you.

Sate Torpedo

Bilbo said...

I LOVE satay!!! You have my address...can you find out if they deliver?