Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Palembang Needs Snow!

When I was twelve, I had a really cute little nun as a violin teacher. Today, some of her words have been ringing in my head.

"Ladies don't sweat, we perspire"

I probably haven't thought of that phrase since those days of lugging my school bag and violin up the hill to her music studio in the summer heat.

After weeks of pleasant weather, the past couple of days in Palembang have become incredibly hot and humid. Our kitchen is in the most stupid position and gets absolutely no breeze. Its also small and cramped, making the heat even worse.

Today, as I was preparing dinner, our driver's wife came early to pick him up. She's a very demure and gentle girl. Also, she has chosen to wear the Muslim headscarf. In addition to covering her head, she also always has her arms and legs covered.

So, today, she came into my hot kitchen to chat and helped me out here and there with the cooking. She had on her two layered headscarf (tucked into the buttoned up collar of her shirt), a long sleeved shirt, a long sleeved cardigan (light one) and jeans. I was in my tank top and shorts.

It wasn't long before I had beads of perspiration rolling down the side of my face. I have used the word "perspiration" but I definitely did not look like a lady in the kitchen!

It was unbearable in there. I kept telling her to go to the living room and I would be out in a minute but she insisted that she wasn't hot at all. She wasn't kidding. Her make-up was still perfect. Her nose and cheeks weren't shiny. She looked very comfortable. Of course I didn't ask her but I'm pretty sure she wasn't perspiring under all her layers of clothing either. I guess she's more evolved then me :)

I know snow in Palembang would probably indicate that the world was coming to an end so, maybe just rain will do. Please...tomorrow....


Bilbo said...

How much snow would you like? I can box it up and have it on the way to you by nightfall! No charge.

fiona said...

Yes Amanda take some of Bilbos snow!

Mike said...

Then you can sell the snow to the guy that makes shaved ice cones. They really should be snow cones anyway.

egan said...

Maybe we can make it snow in your kitchen so the cooking isn't so challenging. That can be arranged can't it?

Amanda said...

Guess what everybody? It is starting to rain...right now!