Monday, March 2, 2009

The Things He Says!

Aaron is a chatterbox. He goes on about all sort of things, all day long. Recently, his perspective of life and his sense of humour has been coming through the things he says.

When asked why he won't let Richard put him to bed, he told me:
"Papa is a giant! He'll squash me."

Out of the blue, Aaron started a conversation about work.
"Next time, I'm going to go to work at Agrim. I will buy myself a blue room and a blue bicycle." Agrim is where Richard works. When asked what sort of work he will do, Aaron confidently informed me that he will be TYPING. And guess what he is typing? His BLOG!

He must have merged all he knows about work. Richard goes to work. I tell him I'm working on my blog. He sees me typing when I blog - light bulb goes on in his little head! If only life were that simple.

And here's his developing sense of humor.
"Mama, come fart at me!"

I have NO IDEA where he got that from. I had no response for him on that one.


John said...

You had no response for him?! Just honor his request!

wv: trachea but with a little bit larger opening.

Bilbo said...

Yes, the joys of having to be very careful about what you (and everyone else) says when Aaron is within earshot. Leya is really talking a lot, too. Her latest thing is to say "Cow!" when something's too much work to say "Holy cow," so she just gets the "cow!" part out. And the other day I asked her if she had poop in her diaper, and she looked at me with a very serious expression, shook her head, and said, "No, Opa. No poop." Who would have thought a discussion of poop would be so cute?

vw: foling - what you do when you fol.

Scott and Elaine said...

All i can say is... Ahahahaha!!!!!

Amanda said...

John - Funny. I suspect Aaron picked up the idea from my brother. And I'm sure my brother would have been more than willing to oblige but thank goodness my brother is thousands of kilometers away.

Bilbo - Cow! I'm sure you've been there before with your own kids. Don't let your cute grand daughter fool you. They look at you with cute eyes, say "no poop" in a cute voice and you believe them even if your nose tells you otherwise. You let them go only to find out later on that you were right and now the mess is....squashed.

Amanda said...

Elaine - What are you doing online?! You must have one very considerate newborn to allow blog surfing time :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Is Aaron launching his blog yet?

Mike said...

We'll start working on some blog names for him.

egan said...

I love the fart one. How perfect. I might have to borrow Aaron's genius line tonight.

It's so fun to hear their vocabulary develop.