Monday, March 9, 2009

Thats Mine! And Thats Mine Too!

Just like us, Aaron has been socializing a lot more this year. And, the recurring theme seems to be "Sharing". I'm finding it easier to teach him to read than to teach him the concept of sharing!

I have been trying to understand his little mind and I do see him making some progress but nothing soothed my mind more than Googling the topic tonight.

The Dr. Spock website says :
A two-year-old is just beginning to understand about possessions. That's why everything is "mine." It takes years to understand that you could own something, but still have to share it. It is as unlikely for a toddler to learn how to share at age two as it is for him to learn how to read when he first picks up a book.

A Babycenter article has this to offer:
As exasperating as these episodes can be, try to be philosophical about them. Your child is acting in perfect keeping with a 2-year-old's view of the world, in which her own things (or anything that strikes her fancy, for that matter) are an extension of herself.....Sharing is a learned activity, and mastering it takes some time....

In another Babycenter article:
When your toddler refuses to share his favorite truck (or even his least favorite truck), he isn't really being selfish — he's just acting his age. Sharing is a skill he'll develop over several years. In the meantime, struggles over toys will be common.

PHEW! Why didn't I do the Googling earlier? And why is it that I don't remember this from all those parenting books? This whole issue (non-issue) about sharing has been gnawing at me for a few weeks now. Its been a little embarrassing when Aaron just goes about claiming toys that may or may not be his.

A couple of the articles also mentioned not to punish a 2 year old for not sharing. Well, I did that before I read the articles so, its a bit late. I told him that I was too tired to read or tell him any stories before bed because I was all worn out from telling him to share. He was upset, of course, but I think he understood.

I did observe that he has an easier time sharing if the other child is older than him. Perhaps its because they have already learned how to share with him.

Well, the more chances he gets to practice his sharing skills, the faster he'll learn I suppose. Just like the more I read to him, the more words he recognizes.

Note to self: It will come with time. Hopefully.


Bilbo said...

Don't let it bother you. Here in the States we have 100 Senators and 435 Representatives who don't know how to share, either. Of course, they act like two-year olds, so I guess it's normal.

vw: veryetr - I don't know what "etr" is, but it's ... well ... very whatever it is.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A lot adults are still at that stage now!

Mike said...

"why is it that I don't remember"

You don't remember everything?! I don't understand.

Wv - yerfli - is open

egan said...

I read in one of those nifty parenting books that it can take a child up to 5-7 years to fully grasp the concept of sharing. And as others have stated, some adults still don't get it. Yes, they are the Twitterers of the world.