Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exercise DVDs and Me

Years and years ago, my mother (or was it my father?) bought a Jane Fonda workout video. I remember the first time that the video was played, the whole family joined in. My parents must have been in their 30s (perhaps just a little older than I am now), my brother around 7 years old and I was around 9 years old. I remember thinking that it was something fun to do.

When we moved from Ipoh, Malaysia to Brisbane, Australia, that video moved too. In my teens, a chubby me would dig that video out on occasion and slog away to it in the summer heat. I hated it! And it didn't work anyway.

Then came the years of joining a gym and going to group fitness classes. I loved that. Really really enjoyed it. But, that all came to a screeching halt when I moved back to Malaysia after graduation. I did join a gym but it wasn't very well equipped and there weren't really any good classes. So, I went back to exercise DVDs.

Group exercise to a DVD to be precise :). We got a few friends together, used the empty aerobics room at the gym, and played the DVD there. Its a bit pathetic when you think about it but the little group we had was disciplined. We were there almost everyday after work. And I felt that the DVDs did a good job on me.

When I moved to Klang (another city in Malaysia), there was no more gym. So, it was just me and my library of exercise DVDs. When I got pregnant, one of the first things I did was jump on to and ordered myself some pre-natal ones.

Why am I blogging about this today? I don't know. After a two and a half year break from those DVDs (after Aaron was born), I dusted them off last week. We've met up regularly since then and I'm enjoying it. Yes, it looks like we're best friends again. So far, I've been doing the Yoga ones. DVDs in the morning, gym in the afternoon.

(I can't believe I'm nearly the same age as my parents were when they bought that Jane Fonda Video!)


Mike said...

That same age thing is going to keep happening.

fiona said...

i got myself a yoga dvd previous trip to sin. my first! i wasn't that health conscious before. now i start worrying when i'm going to shed those preg. weight gains or not.

Bilbo said...

Go with the DVD's. I have bought numerous pieces of exercise equipment (stationary bikes, rowing machines, etc), but after an initial surge of activity, they always end up being used to hang laundry on to dry...