Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Rocked My Babies To Sleep Too!

I've blogged many times about sleep and babies. After many books, multiple experiments and mountains of good intentions, I have to say that I soothe my babies to sleep, whether its by carrying them, feeding them or lying down with them. The controlled crying sleep training method is not something I believe in.

Even though this is something I believe is right for my family, I often feel judged by it. The rest of the world seemed to have been able to train their babies to put themselves to sleep. And, there is always so much praise for such those 'good babies'.

Well, today, I met a mother of seven month old quads. She also has two other children aged five and two! I have a family with children aged five and two and it is a crazy household. So, when I found out that the baby she carries in a sling each week in the gymnastics class she takes her two year old to was actually on rotation with its other three siblings, I was in awe of that woman. She had long hair and it looked cleaned and well brushed. She had a make up on and she was very soft spoken with the two children she brought with her. If I had met her elsewhere, I would have thought she only had one baby.

Anyway, I couldn't resist asking her the questions that everybody else must ask her. I wanted to know how she  managed four babies at once. She said that she had help at home - good for her. BUT, she also said that she rocked each and every one of her babies to sleep. She chooses to do it this way and does not accept that her babies need to be trained to go to sleep. She did it for her first two children and she will do it for these four. Thats amazing! I don't know about her or how tired she gets but it made me feel that if a mother to six children could rock her babies to sleep, and feel good about it, then I should too.

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Mike said...

Next time I can't get to sleep can you come to my house?