Monday, March 26, 2012

I Need A 'Pause' Button For Adrian

Adrian seems to be growing up even faster than Aaron did. He's exactly 2 years and 3 months today. Unfortunately, I feel that I'm spending a lot less time with him than I did with Aaron. He seems to be able to play a lot more independently than Aaron did at this age but thats because I just haven't spent a lot of sit down time with him. He's also much better at sitting in a car than Aaron ever was but thats because he spends a lot of time in the car with me as I chauffeur Aaron here and there and do the household shopping. 

I like to think that he's picking up a whole different set of skills that Aaron didn't have chance to but who am I kidding? I need find the time to let him work with a pencil more, to read to him more to even play with him a little more. I can feel my Lego creativity skills declining recently from lack of practice. 
Thankfully, he has not been stuttering at all recently and is back to his old chatty self. He likes being a part of the conversation and often asks "What did you say, Mama?". Today, he has been amusing himself by only saying 'Yup' or 'Nope' and refusing to say 'Yes' or 'No'. I think he's picked that up from my father. Those two words sound really odd when he puts in something like this "Do you want to play Lego? Yup or nope?" 

He's very cute and I'm always a little sad when I think that he'll be 3 years old soon and then its sort of a slow decline in terms of cuteness after that. I mean, Aaron is still adorable but he's not longer the baby time of cute. 

Here's Adrian 'mowing' the grass this morning. 

Tomorrow is a new day. I'll try harder. 


Mike said...

Aaron didn't have an older brother like Adrian does to show him stuff.

Bilbo said...

You really do wish sometimes that we could just dip our children in a special fixative that would preserve them in that "super-cute" age forever. I think back to when my son was at the "super-cute" stage ... and now he has children of that age himself. I enjoy being an Opa, but watching the children grow up too fast can be a little sad.

johnorford said...

Not sure I've commented this before - but simple posts like this give me a window into motherhood that I really appreciate - thanks!