Thursday, March 1, 2012

Makedo Projects

I really like that name - Make Do. Its one of our family mottos so when I saw this 'toy', I really felt drawn to it. Its not so much a toy but a kit that will allow you to make toys out of things around your house. I'm not going to give you the link to their official website until the end of my post, after you've seen our projects.

The kit I got was to build a small car but so far, we haven't found the ideal box for that yet. If I'm going to work on a car with those two boys, I need it to be one that is big enough to fit the both of them in. 

Our practice project was this caravan looking bus that ended up being a semi trailer that moved cars.

I finally got my hands on some bigger boxes and today, we started off making a car, but then, it was converted to a dump truck. I did all the major cutting with the plastic saw that came with the kit while Aaron worked on the details like the door handles, steering wheels and lights. It was also his idea to make it the dump truck. Adrian did the decorating with a few stickers here and there.

We had to go without the wheels because we ran out of those little round headed cable ties. This 'dump truck' doesn't look like much but it provided a whole morning of fun.

Now, you can go look at some of the more professional looking projects at


Mike said...

Just think. Somebody 'invented' those plastic parts and is making a ton of money off of them.

Amanda said...

Yes. As we were playing, I did think "We can probably do this without the little parts but they make it so much easier."

John said...

At some point, you need to get this book for Richard and the boys:

Amanda said...

John - That looks like a very interesting book. I must go look for it in the bookshops. Thanks.

PJ (inventor of Makedo) said...

Hi Mike.
I am the 'somebody' you speak of, who invented those plastic parts. Whilst the ton of money is yet to materialise and I find myself making do, I am comforted in knowing that the true intention behind the invention is realised. Kids (and adults) are already familiar with the idea of making stuff from everyday materials - but I hoped to make it easier and do away with the permanent mess associated with sticky tape and glues. It's reuse with reuse. BTW, I can second the recommendation for the Dangerous Book for Boys.
Smiles, PJ