Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Makedo Project

Today, I felt totally justified in buying the Makedo kit I mentioned in this post. The first dump truck project was mostly me but this morning, Aaron spent the whole morning 'designing', sawing and putting together this 'house'. I helped out occasionally but it was his initiative.

I'm proud of his efforts and his perseverance at it surprised me. He usually starts asking for help about two minutes into any projects he starts but he was so engrossed in the design he had in mind that he didn't need me much at all. Somehow, he even managed to work peacefully with Adrian as his 'assistant'.

This project kept them occupied for most of today. The actual construction time was around two hours (lots of sawing!) but that was spread out through many play sessions with the boxes. I think this is definitely something that I would think of giving as a gift the next time I had to get a birthday present for a child.


John said...

Cool! Looks like a lot of fun!

Mike said...

And like I said before, why didn't WE think of that?!