Friday, March 16, 2012

No Blogging, Just Clogging

Its going to be a fantastic weekend. I'll be attending a clogging camp so, as the title says, there won't be any blogging this weekend. The weekend actually starts tonight with a party, followed by a full day of workshops tomorrow and another party tomorrow night. And on Sunday there will be a whole morning of workshops. I'm not spending the nights there because its only a 35 minute drive from our house and I definitely prefer my own bed to a dormitory.

My mother has very generously offered her place at the workshop to Richard so that he can hopefully catch the same clogging bug that we all have. She'll spend the weekend with Aaron and Adrian. I thought it was very magnanimous of her because I don't think I would do that for him. I'm very grateful to her. 

So as a quick post tonight, I'd like to direct you here. Its about how every mother passes on an average of 41 `pearls of wisdom` to their children. It looks like my mother only passed on 28 pearls to me. That makes sense because she was brought up in Malaysia and would have probably inherited a different set of pearls from my grandmother.  As for the 28 pearls that she has been known to throw at us, she told me that she learned them all from an Irish nun that was her teacher in school. 

When I try to think of anything Chinese that my mother has quoted to us, I can only think of two toilet related ones. They're not really pearls of wisdom but little shots of reprimand from her. You're all going to think she's really crude but she's quite the opposite. Its actually because these funnier ones stick in my mind more than the other non-toilet ones. 

1. Lazy people always need to go to the toilet. Its actually a little more crude than this but it basically means that a lazy person (eg me not wanting to do my homework) always has many excuses.

2. Waiting until you absolutely need to go before looking for a toilet. This one has to do with procrastination and leaving everything to the last minute - obviously.

So what is the most memorable saying from your mother?


Bilbo said...

My favorite of my mother's sayings is "Little things affect little minds." It gets truer every day.

Mike said...

Pretty soon you'll be making some extra money with your clogging instructional video.