Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'll Be Safe With My Mini Flash Alarm

Living in an English speaking country has really cut down on the number of funny typos or strangely phrased signs about the place. I miss those!

But look what I found today. No, I did not buy it, just for the packaging. A thoughtful older friend gave it to me some time ago and I kept it safely somewhere, without reading the fine (and not-so-fine) print. I dug it out today it really does sound like a super all-in-one, save-me-from anything-and-everything device. The device itself looks very similar to a yo-yo.

It didn't just have a single funny word or sentence. It has typos, funny phrases and funny ideas. Everything on the front and back of the packaging was chuckle worthy. Click on the images to make them big.

The pictures at the bottom of the second image caught my attention before the words and I did spend a serious moment or two trying to decipher them. Then, I realized that the words provided plenty of clues. The praying hands one still has me stumped though...


Mike said...

"don't disassemble and reconstruct?"

HA! That's like an invitation.

Bilbo said...

"Don't be touched the rainwater?"

"Scare ruffian and molester?"

This is a classic!!