Sunday, May 22, 2011

Failed Sunday

We usually have good Sundays but today, things just didn't go right. In fact, things started to go wrong at about 12.30am. Thats when Adrian woke up and instead of going straight back to sleep after a short cuddle, he decided to stay up. This isn't an unusual occurrence in our house but the rest of Sunday seemed to be just as unsatisfying.

We planned to go to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary because they're having a special entry price of only $5 for all Sundays in May. The normal price for adults is around $30 so it was a good deal. About a zillion other people thought so too. Finding a carpark was crazy and took forever. This was on top of the fact that Adrian screamed for half of the 90min journey there.

So, we're there, we're parked and the slight drizzle that was around had cleared up. The muddy ground wasn't all that bad. Unfortunately, the million people I mentioned earlier....well, they were all inside too. $5 sounds like a great deal but surely the animals no longer thought of that place as a Sanctuary.

Aaron wanted to watch the reptile show so we squashed in with about 50,000 of the other people. It was crazy! They had people sitting in the aisle ways and on the steps. What if there was an emergency? I was not having a good time.

Then, it started drizzling again. No problem, lets just make a beeline for the crocodile, walk through the Kangaroo area and then go home. I think there were about 20 humans for every kangaroo in the enclosure. No wonder there were so many of them trying to hop away.

The light rain then got heavier. We stopped to go to the bathrooms before the long ride home and when we got out, it was pouring! The exit from the park was through their gift show, their very medium sized gift shop. Oh my...people, umbrellas, wet ponchos, huge prams, screaming babies, kids...

*sigh* And that was my day. The main reason for going was the lorikeet feeding that I wanted to show the boys and guess what?! It was raining too hard. I remember saying to Aaron in the morning that I was feeling a bit tired and that maybe we wouldn't go today. I should have listened to myself!

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Mike said...

The little voice in your head was right.