Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hands up who knows what Whizzpoppers are?


Well, its the result of the downward bubbles that are created when giants drink Frobscottle. Thats the Coke equivalent with the one big difference of having the bubbles fizz downwards instead of up. So, the effect of those downward bubbles is er....not a burp.

Aaron and I have been reading The BFG by Roald Dahl these past few nights and this word has stuck. We were on the way to mass and he proudly proclaims "Whizzpopper!" In the middle of playing and again, he yells out "Whizzpopper!"

Now, is that alright? I don't know. We had a big laugh when we were reading about it and I did say that it could almost be like a secret word that we could use and not many peoploe would know what we were talking about (until I blog about it).

Whizzpoppers are such a source of laughter in this house. Even Adrian finds it funny. All kids do! So, should they really be a source of embarrassment to parents when they're out and about? I didn't know whether to laugh or pretend not to notice when Adrian one day did a downward dog (the yoga pose) and then made a whizzpopper noise. No prizes for guessing who taught him that!

Just like everything else in life's balancing act, we all have to learn to balance what we genuinely find funny in the home and what we can only secretly find funny when we're out. The problem is that people like Adrian don't know that difference and let all our secrets out to the outside world!

My final thoughts on this is that I don't think its entirely right of me to tell them its wrong to laugh at something that :

1) they 'discovered' to be funny by themselves.
2) makes them laugh spontaneously (and also makes me laugh to see the fun on their faces).
3) is really a natural phenomena that average humans encounter about 14 times a day.

Right...now all I have to figure out is how to explain 'home jokes' and 'outside jokes'.


John said...

Only 14 times?

NomadicExpat said...

At least Adrian didnt fart while doing his downward dog and saying "Whizzpopper!" at the same time...

Anyhow, as someone with no kids, I find their antics to be hilarious and they are kids being kids. So, let them be until they do something that might annoy others.

Mike said...

Never heard it before. Wait, maybe I have 'heard' them but never heard them called that. 4680 hits on google.

Bilbo said...

I think I have to start using the word "Whizzpopper" at work.

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