Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Replica of HMB Endeavour

As mentioned in my last post, the HMB Endeavour was in town and we took Aaron. We actually went with Aaron's friend, Toby, and his father. Aaron and Toby are of course, dinosaur crazy. But, on the sidelines, they also want to be pirates. So, what we got on Sunday were two pirate dinosaur boys going crazy.

I don't know what causes it because I believe that both of these boys are quite well behaved individually. Its a whole different story when they get together. The energy level, craziness, 'rude' word competitions (y'know, things like wee and poo), EVERYTHING, is multiplied ten times. They run everywhere, roar at each other, switch from dinosaur characters over to pirate characters without stopping by at being boys. Its a little unfair to say that they misbehaved or were being naughty but that kind of excitement level was really tiring for us parents to keep reigned in. Ironically, the only time that these two get together (apart from the occasional outing like this) is during Sunday mass and for a short time afterwards.

Anyhow, I didn't get to go on the ship but I thought I'd still share some of the photos they shared with me. I do wish I could have gone on as well.

I always thought these types of ships were all 'HMS' but now I know that in the 18th Century, ships were classified according to the shape of their hull. So, the 'B' here is for Bark - a ship with a flat bow and square stern. This isn't the REAL HMB Endeavour that Captain Cook used on his discovery voyage to Terra Australia of course, just a very good replica.

I guessed that it would have been low below deck but I never knew that at some parts, Aaron was the only one that could stay standing upright. And look at this photo with the little door.

Now, one of the interesting little tidbits that they relayed to me was that the toilet was right at the front of the ship. St the pointy part of the bow was a platform with a hole in it, of course. There is more to the trivia but I don't think I'd like to share that on my blog.

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Mike said...

I did not know about HMB vs HMS.