Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Music at Gregory Park

No matter what impact the latest Federal Budget has on spending (or spending cuts), I hope the Brisbane City Council will still have these free bands in the parks on Sunday afternoons. Its fantastic to spend a lazy one hour, sitting on the grass, enjoying some music.

There was a kid's theme to this afternoon's performance with the band playing many TV show tunes, including the Thomas the Tank Engine. That was a huge hit with the crowds - parents and children alike!

The afternoon wasn't entirely lazy, although it was easy work to play with Aaron and Adrian.

You can see the band in the background of this photo. I thought the boys might have needed some incentive to stay in the once place for a little while.

They last for about half the duration and then we decided that we could listen to the music while playing around.

I don't think I have anything to worry about in terms of Adrian being too cautious (the way the Aaron is). The second after this photo was taken, he was struggling to get free from me and walk that plank alone!

Here he is again, trying his best to keep up with Aaron.

Thankfully, Aaron is still very enthusiastic about 'taking care' of Adrian.

And thats the end of another weekend...

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Mike said...

There are quite a few free concerts in parks around the St. Louis area also.