Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trainee Gardeners

We've been spending a lot of time in the garden this week. The weather has been getting colder and during the day time, our house always feels like its a few degrees colder than the outside. We have one experienced trainee gardener and one new one this year. They've been working hard on the weeds and sweeping up after Richard mowed the lawn.

Our garden is also starting to feel as if its going to be bare soon. The colder weather has ended the okra's season and some of the other leafy plants are starting to look a bit crinkly. Some over enthusiastic fertilizing has killed off our eggplant and a couple of the tomato plants. The kale was eaten up by caterpillars some time ago. Thankfully, all the gingers and lemon grass are still good and there is still plenty sweet potato leaves, chilli, bazillion spinach and sweet leaf. We're waiting on the papaya and tahitian lime trees to give us some fruit.

With my parents away, I'm now head gardener. So, the first assistant and I went out and got some seeds for broad beans and kale and some carrot and spinach seedlings. I also bought an organic garlic to plant. Although on hindsight that one doesn't really seem worth it. It takes 6 months for the garlic to form from each clove and we only got 4 cloves out of that garlic I bought. We go through garlic like crazy in this house.

In any case, everything in the ground now and hopefully, if the turkeys don't go digging them up, we'll have some new vegetables to eat in August.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You've got them working hard!

Mike said...

I thought colder weather? Just for a second. Then the brain cells turned on.