Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Can Wait To Grow Up

I don't think I ever wanted to grow up. In fact, I'm still trying not to but circumstances aren't helping.

Aaron, on the other hand, can't wait. "I can't wait to grow up so that I can do what I like." Thats what he thinks!

I have no way of knowing if its true or not but sometimes, I look at him and I think I see him thinking that his "job" is to grow. And, in order to do that, he has to listen to everything I say because my job is to make him grow. It must be because I say things like "If you don't sleep, you won't grow." or "You have to eat all your food so you can grow."

So, I've asked him when he thinks he'll be fully grown. I've done this several times and the answers change. Or maybe, he's trying to figure out when the growing will be done because one day he says "When I get a job" and another, "When I get a wife". He has even said "When I have a son".

The strange thing is that he hasn't said anything physical like "When I'm taller than you." If you look at those answers, you could just lump it all under "When I have responsibilities!" Did I spoil it for him by telling him the truth? Nah.

Growing up means that you don't get to do what you want to do. Its the opposite of what he's thinking. Alright, its not as bad as that but its pretty close. Speaking from my own experience, the only time in my life when I got to do most of the things I wanted was when I got a job. Before I got the husband and sons. Maybe people get to do the things they like again when they're 60. My parents look pretty contented although they complain that they're not only doing things for their children now but their grandchildren as well.

Isn't it ironic that Aaron can't see the beauty of the situation he's in and wants to be in my shoes instead? We've all been there and in hindsight, I think a lot of us enjoyed our carefree years. But thats in hindsight. Back then, we weren't aware enough to know what a good thing we had going. How do we tell children that? The only way is probably to just let them have an easy going childhood for as long as possible. Reminder: No more of that flip flop competitiveness for me. Its school holidays now so I'm planning on spending the whole time playing.


Mike said...

"..planning on spending the whole time playing."

That's a plan worth following through on.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We usually are in such a hurry to grow vup, but regret in when we have.

Bilbo said...

Growing up is seriously overrated.