Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Different Sort Of Weekend

We stayed home the entire time.

It was relatively quiet.

And, Richard did most of the cooking.

It actually sounds like the weekends that Richard and I used to have when we were first married. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything as blissful as that.

Aaron caught some mysterious virus that initially made the tip of his tongue swell and then later, ulcers all over. His tonsils were so inflamed that they nearly touched each other. The doctor's first thought thought was hand foot and mouth disease but he didn't have anything on his hands or feet and, he's already had that before, so she ruled it out. She had never seen a tongue like that before. GREAT! She recommended antibiotics and Panadol.

The little guy was in unbelievable pain and nothing helped him. At one stage, nothing, not even ice cream or TV, could convince him to leave his bed. He didn't even read when he was there. He just curled up and stared at the walls. The only words he said were "Ow...My tongue". Even in his sleep, he'd suddenly say that. Thats why I mentioned that it was relatively quiet.

The only thing I could do was offer him all of my attention and lots of cuddles. Thats why Richard did most of the cooking. He was also in charge of Adrian all weekend.

Aaron started talking again this afternoon so something must be getting better. If I were to find a positive in all this, it would be that this wasn't a serious illness and that we got to spend some uninterrupted time together. He hasn't had many opportunities to have my undivided attention since Adrian came along. I could see that he really appreciated it.

Now, lets hope that Adrian doesn't get the same thing otherwise Aaron will be going from 100% to 0% in no time at all.

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Fiona said...

i'm sorry to read this. get well soon Aaron!