Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny Signs

I get a lot of forwarded mail from my mother, father, aunts, uncles and even my friend's father. There is so much of this that whenever I see the 'Fwd.' in the subject title, I ignore, because it seems rude to delete immediately, and then delete a few weeks later. Every so often, I decide to open one up just to see what they want me to see.

There was a really funny one today so its my turn to post some funny signs.

I really can't figure out how this sign would have come about.

This sounds like something that my grandmother says in Cantonese.

Its obvious what makes the sign funny but it was the molokhia that had me Googling. Its actually something that is similar in texture to okra, but bitter when boiled.

At least this sign is very polite.

Well....you never know.

I've never seen a grenade before and I've never pulled the pin on an extinguisher either. I doubt many people have either. So, in a way, this sign would immediately give a person the mental image of how to at least get the fire extinguisher going but then its all going to go downhill when they try to throw it at the fire.

So thats what shop keepers are secretly thinking huh?


Mike said...

That should be a Josef Mengele manicure set.

Bilbo said...

"If you are unsure whether you are a prostitute..."

As a government contractor, I often ask myself that question. I suppose I should drop in to Zapata's and get myself sorted out.

elizabeth embracing life said...

These are hilarious. I have relatives that do the same forwarding of emails of the funny stuff. I may have to start paying better attention.