Sunday, July 3, 2011

From the ER to the Seaside

We've had sort of sick kids in this house again. They've both had ear infections this past week. As usual, you couldn't tell that there was anything wrong with Adrian. And Aaron seemed to only feel uncomfortable whenever it was time to eat, pick up toys or go to bed. As I said "sort of sick" kids with a strange kind of infection!

Unfortunately, Aaron started complaining about his tongue being sore and was in a lot of pain as he was going to bed. He was really suffering. I came up with a brilliant plant to beat all the waiting times at the doctors. Seeing that it was a Sunday and our usual slow moving doctors practice was closed, we would go to the ER as soon as they woke up - which is usually 5 or 6am. Surely thats a quiet time.

This morning, we arrived at the ER at 7am and there was only one other person ahead of us. I know that they prioritized based on urgency and I also knew that we wouldn't be an urgent case. But how long could it be with just one other non-urgent case ahead of us? It took about forty five minutes for us to get seen. So, the wait time was the same as where we normally go! And guess what? The doctor couldn't tell what was wrong with him. He still had the pain but nothing was visible. We were told to monitor and go see the GP on Tuesday.

By then, I had my second brilliant plan. We were already halfway to Shornecliff and Aaron's tongue seemed to only be sore if he thought about it. A morning of distraction would be great for us all.

I made my plan indoors and didn't see that it wasn't a blue sky day. We still had a lot of fun.

Doesn't he look happy?

And look at this little champ! He walked up all those steps by himself.

I think we'll have another quiet week at home even though its the school holidays. Its probably best for me to shelve all my elaborate school holiday plans for ice skating, hiking and even Wiggle world. I'll be the good but boring mum and let them get well at home.


Fiona said...

poor thing. a very bad ulcer?
get well soon, boys.
n lovely place that is.

Mike said...

'A morning of distraction'

This is always a good thing.