Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kids and The Things They Say

Here's another two to go in my virtual memory box of unexpected things that children say.

The first one is from Aaron.
"What is the most important job for a child?"

This came out of nowhere while I was making up a batch of food for Adrian and trying to get our dinner ready at the same time. I wasn't in the right frame of mind for this. Was it a loaded question? Was his cunning little mind trying to trap me into saying something I was going to regret at bedtime? Then I looked at his face and it looked pretty innocent. Perhaps he was genuinely wondering what his role in the family or in life was? So, then my mind starts racing about whether I should use this to my advantage somehow. Or give him the 'be happy and play' answer? I'm not entirely pleased with my answer. I know he wants a simple one but there could be a whole essay written on this for the serious mom. I gave a quick first job to learn to care and be respectful towards your family and environment. And second job was to play and by 'play' I mean learn new things from lego, his books and his numbers, and enjoy it.

So, almost all my readers are parents, what do you think? What IS the most important job for a child?

Now for Adrian. You may recognize these lyrics, "My Mama told me when I was your, That we were all born superstars", from "Born This way" by Lady Gaga. Aaron has mis-heard this on the radio and has been teaching it to Adrian as "My Mama told me when I was young, that I had a smelly bum!". Adrian is getting good with words and while out yesterday, we were seated on the same bench as a girl wearing low rise jeans and a midriff baring top. The girl had her back to us and guess what song Adrian chose to show off his singing??

Ah...these boys! They really crack me up sometimes.


John said...

from little a: that's funny!
from Big A: your answers are as good as anything I would have come up with.

Mike said...

I think Aaron's heard the term smelly bum before. Right?

Any answer is a good one. He won't remember it tomorrow anyway. ... How about, "Today it's ....".

Scott and Elaine said...

Hahaha that's sooo funny. Maybe your brother taught that to him. Anyhow, sounds like something anyone from your family except your mum might say. You are all pretty funny and jokey kind of people. Love yas! Xxx

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A great question. The answer I would say is "Enjoying life."