Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Its A No Brainer - Wash Your Hands

Aaron and Adrian constantly have their fingers (and sometimes their toes) in their mouths. It really makes me so angry because life is horrible for them and, more importantly, for me, when they get sick.

Trying to keep them healthy has made me more conscious of germs that I come in contact with as well. Door handles, elevator buttons, money, ATM machine, the equipment in the gym - EVERYTHING! Supposedly, the steering wheel is another extremely germy place because we touch all those other areas and then wipe the germs onto the wheel as we drive.

I've often wondered how long bacteria can live on surfaces but never took the time to try to find the answer, until now.

According to this website, the safest surface you can touch, if you had to touch one outside, is a hard, non-porous one like a countertop or glass surface. And if that hard surface happens to be in the sun, you're even safer because the ultra violet rays would have killed off any bacteria almost instantly. maybe the steering wheel isn't so bad after all.

And as for how long they live on surfaces. Well, if its a wet/damp surface, like a kitchen sponge, then it could stay alive for days. Money is another horrible surface. Coins may be hard and non-porous but the notes can house bacteria for weeks! And of course, since they get touched by so many hands, they are perpetual bacteria colonies. Think about that the next time you pay for a snack and then immediately start eating it without washing your hands first. YUCK!

Well, enough of all that. Go wash your hands and don't touch your face. Imagine the germs on your keyboard and mouse.


Mike said...

I've always heard that germs live for 3 days on the right surface. And money is the dirtyest thing out there.

johnorford said...

i remember hearing a while ago that had washing was the greatest leap forward in medical practice - ever!