Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Starting Kindy - A BIG DEAL for Moms

Aaron went for his first day at a Montessori School today. I thought I was over the pre-kindy excitement I've been through it all when he went to Mariaville in Ipoh a few months ago. Yet, I found myself equally excited. Maybe even more.

We were all up before 6am. I got a big breakfast ready, picked out his clothes and packed his lunch by 7am. The whole family was ready to take him to school by 8am. Unfortunately, the teacher told us to arrive at 9.30am. So, we hung out, played around and eventually started running late! Thats what happens when you get too excited and leave too much spare time. Anyway, to top it all off, we get halfway there and Aaron asks "Where's my bag?". Yes, after all that, we left his bag at home. There wasn't enough time to turn back so we dropped him, then went home to get his bag and went back to the school again. And because its only a 9-12noon session, I was back at the school again an hour after the bag was dropped off!

Anyway, I have been excited for him, for weeks. And, I have been anxious about it for myself. This is the start of him being away from me. Its not like holiday school at Mariaville. Its the real deal. Its only a couple of days this year but from January, its five days a week, ten weeks a term. For my sake, I've put him in for a half day only. At least I can still be the center of his world for half the day. (Unfortunately, he liked it so much today that I almost couldn't get him away at 12pm and he's saying things like he wants to be FULL DAY.)

Another selfish thought that has been crossing my mind is that this could be the end of my flexible lifestyle. Yes, I am tied down with two kids but up until now, there is nothing stopping us from going away for holidays or spending a special day out on a picnic. There would be no more impromptu outings during weekdays. I love going out with him and exploring different places.

He did have a very good day at the kindy today and spent a lot of the time afterwards asking when he can go back. When I picked him up, he had a huge smile on his face and was oozing happiness. At least I know that he's in an environment that he really enjoys.

If I spend so much time thinking of kindy, I wonder what his graduating high school is going to do. What if he goes away to a university in a different state? What if he doesn't want to study anymore and finds a job in another COUNTRY?! What if he gets MARRIED at eighteen????

I think I should stop thinking about it now ...


Bilbo said...

Our granddaughter Leya moved from her old pre-school (or kindergarten, or whatever it is) to a Montessori school this week, and she loves it. She loved the old school, too, but my daughter says the Montessori school seems much better. It seems like it agrees well with Aaron, so I think you'll be happy, even with your lessened flexibility. Good luck!

Mike said...

You need to find him an M school near the beach. That way you could drop him off and wait.... at the beach.