Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tree Climbing

I have had a lot of fun today. We went tree climbing! I actually read about this free activity organized by the Brisbane City Council but forgot all about it because children needed to be 8 years old to participate. Never imagined that Richard, my dad and I would be the ones enjoying it today instead of Aaron.

You'll see from the photos that its more climbing a tree with ropes (and the added safety of them) rather than climbing with your bare hands. This was of course a very easy and tree but the instructor told us there are other areas in Brisbane where they go very high up. This must be what the Greenpeace people do to stop logging....

Anyway, here are our photos.

Aaron was left on the bottom as we all made our way up the tree. When we were about halfway up, we heard "I need to pee!". Oops! All three of us were hanging up in the air. Thankfully, the instructor's wife followed him to a nearby tree and was kind enough to keep him entertained for the rest of our adventure.

Richard and I climbed into the hammock while my father was in a single hanging hammock chair on another branch.

I liked the hammock better after Richard got out and there wasn't the extra person wobbling it.

And now for more news on fun - We'll be going to Caloundra for the next five days for some fun on the beach. YAHOO!!!! Aaron has been waiting months for this. I'm also very excited but the weather forecast is saying that there may be cloudy rainy days coming....lets hope they're wrong.

I won't have access to internet while there so look out for my post with pictures next Saturday. Have a good week everyone.


Mike said...

I don't think I've ever seen this before. I'm going to have to investigate it here.

Fiona said...

how fun! :)

Bilbo said...

I like that hammock...but I'd be afraid of falling out!

Brian O said...

That looks like good fun .. Now it's time to build a tree house in your backyard. :)

NomadicExpat said...

You should get one of those hammocks on a tree in the backyard... There's a tree there right?