Friday, November 12, 2010

Walking With The Trolley - Take 2

This is the photo I posted of Aaron in 2007 when we first got him the trolley. According to the date on that post, this was two days after his first birthday.

The trolley went to Palembang with us and has now made the trip back to Brisbane again. And here's Adrian, 10 months, trying to push it along.

I have to say it - He's so cute! When Aaron was at this stage, I think I spent a lot of the time wishing he would grow up faster. Now with Adrian, its the exact opposite.

Anyways, I'll try not to blink my eyes too often.


NomadicExpat said...

Both of your boys are cute in their own ways. I think you need to make another one soon!

Mike said...

Here's a plan. You need to move to another country to have your next one. Then maybe you can be the first person to have 12 kids in 12 different countries. I like it!

Amanda said...

NomadicExpat - Yes, they are both cute. I should have said 'BOTH' in my post. Wonder if Aaron will take a wander through my blog in a few years.....hope not.

Mike - I'll need a reality TV show to keep the 12 kids fed and clothed then.