Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Avoid The Doghouse This Christmas Season

I think I'm an easy person to shop for. I give lots of hints and clues. In fact, if you hang around me enough, like my husband does, I actually talk about things that I would like to get. Unfortunately, the results still indicate that my messages aren't getting across.

With Christmas around the corner, I thought this video would be a good reminder for him, and all the other guys out there.


Scott and Elaine said...

too funny! btw.. what did Richard get you last Christmas?

Mike said...

Cool video. I thought the 'thanks for the memories guy' was great.

And by the way, most guys don't understand hints. Especially more than 24 to 48 hours before the occasion.

fiona said...

:D lol. i got the hint!

i did think the 'thanks for memories' guy's gift was sweet though.

good luck Richard!

Bilbo said...

Mike's right about the hints. Forget the hints. Give us a list of what you really want. Every year, starting about the Fourth of July, Agnes asks me for a list of things I'd like for Christmas. I respond by asking her for a list. I eventually give her a list. I've never seen a list from her. So I get her what I think she'd like. So far, I've been lucky. Forget the "if you really loved me, you'd know what I want" - we really love you, and we're lousy at remembering subtle hints. So there.