Friday, November 5, 2010

We've Created A Monster

Well, not exactly a monster. Just a child that lectures grown ups on healthy living and eating.

Its all to do with my mother's brainwashing. From the very beginning, my mother has made it her mission to instill all her healthy living and eating habits into Aaron. I like the idea of it but I'll admit that I'm not as diligent as she is in this area.

The other day, Aaron met my second cousin for the first time. The guy AND his wife smoke and he happened to see them light up. Guess what? They got an earful from him about how smoking isn't good. And following on from that, he started his lecture on healthy foods. Why fiber is important. Which foods contain antioxidants and why you need them. How he never EVER eats junk food like McDonalds. I can just hear my mother's words coming out of his mouth.

My favorite part of this lecture (yes, he gives it to me too) is when he sometimes gets the words "carbohydrates" and "carbon dioxide" mixed up - "We also need to have carbon dioxide for energy."

I know this is good stuff and he really does believe and live by it (because we try to be consistent with the message my mother is teaching). We're all forced to as well because we don't want to ruin what my mother has taught him so far. Unfortunately, I do like to have junk food sometimes. There have been a couple of instances recently where we've gone to get a Big Mac, taken off the wrapper and then re-wrapped it with an un-marked napkin. *sigh* The trouble we go through to put junk in our bodies! At least he's keeping us healthy.

I'm just wondering how long this can last. When will he ask start asking for junk food? Will he want it if he's never had it before? Will he refuse it if somebody else takes him out to eat? It'll be interesting to see what happens.


Bilbo said...

Well, yes, perhaps you have...but he's cute, smart, and writes a mean letter!

Mike said...

I think I need a Big Mac. Cover Aaron's eyes.

Wv: fater - No really, this was the real Wv word.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A c hild who likes healthy eating? That's not right!

Kimberly said...

Our kids would get along great. We stress healthy eating too and my girls have lectured adults about the evils of fast food. Once, my daughter saw her teacher in the grocery store and told her some random food item she was buying had "tons of trans fat in it." Oy. It can be embarrassing, but it's all for the best in the end. Though I do wonder what's going to happen to them when they're tweens and if these lessons will stick or now in light of peer pressure to hit McDonalds or whatever on the way home from school.