Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bulky Bums

These days, depending on what shirt he's wearing, Adrian either looks a little like a bee or an ant. The modern cloth nappies he has been wearing seem to look very bulky on him sometimes. I think I'll get him a black and yellow striped one for Christmas to really complete the bee look.

He was wearing blue today. What blue thing has a big bulky behind?

He even managed to get this little scooper thing stuck on his bum.

These photos were taken on our back deck. Just like another little escape artist, Adrian is out there whenever we forget to close the doors. Sometimes, when its close to bath time, I let him crawl all over the place and get into everything. Its amazing to watch the curiosity on his face and the excitement he gets from being free.


Mike said...

Big Blue Thing? Cookie Monster!

Scott and Elaine said...

oooo... he looks soooo cute! Since I last saw him 2 weeks ago, he's already grown heaps. What a cute little cherub!