Sunday, December 30, 2007

We're up to 132

car, busy (he uses this to mean 'driving'), walk, water, Wiggles, Aaron, xie xie ('Thank You' in Chinese), eat, play, jatuh ('fall' in Indonesian), pray, bubbles, key ...

If Aaron could blog, those would be just 13 out of the possible 132 words that he can choose to use now. Its amazing! It was only on October 30 that I was marveling at his first few words. His pronunciation still isn't correct but its good enough for us to know what he's saying. Sometimes, he uses the words by themselves. Other times, he uses his signs only. And then other times again, its a combination of both. Bottom line is that his communication skills have really kicked in.

My favorite combination of signs and speech is when he slaps his chest with both hands splayed wide and then says 'sit' to tell me to get off his little chair so he can sit. I usually ask for a 'Please' but I'll get a 'Pees' instead. You'll have to trust me when I say it is really cute!

I Googled toddler speech development and supposedly, by the time he's 18 months, he'll pick up 10 new words a day. And shortly after that he could even pick up a new word every 90 mins! I think there are a few bad habits I'd better break RIGHT NOW.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

10 words a day at 18 months sounds a lot!

Kellan said...

Enjoy this time - it is the most magical of time - watching them grasp and learn language - I just loved this time in all of my childrens' lives. Have a good day. Kellan

John said...

"I think there are a few bad habits I'd better break RIGHT NOW."

Oh my! The things that they can pick up. Try not to look to shocked when it happens and a "look" at your spouse (if he's there) or a casual, "I wish his dad wouldn't say that" can get you off the hook for those things that he picks up from you!

(Not that I've ever used these tactics!)

Serina Hope said...

I was a word counter too! Super Z already had 27 words at 10 months. That used to startle people. He hasn't stopped talking since.