Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Shopping Cart Cover

The Good News:
I finally got to use the Shopping Cart cover. It has been semi-finished for several weeks but I didn't have the elastic to put in until today. So, here it is:

The Bad News:
Aaron kept trying to pull it off the cart. It took a long time before he would allow himself to be distracted by other things. And then, he'd just start trying to pull it off again. He did settle down a little by the time we got to the checkout so maybe he'll get used to it.

OR, maybe this is going to be payback for my own childhood. Apparently, my mother made me several dresses that I refused to wear.

Babies are just so honest. If they don't like something, they immediately let you know. There is no faking it or trying to say something nice just to avoid hurting someone. No cover ups. And the best part to their honesty is that we all love them for it. I wonder when we start wearing our masks and sometimes even resenting people for their honesty.


Bilbo said...

What a great picture of Aaron, and a neat idea. I will pass this on to my daughter for use with Leya. By the way, I forwarded your e-mail to her, and she appreciated the link. She found the website mainly interesting as a pointer to books she'd been thinking of buying. Thanks!

John said...

Great looking picture of Aaron. I can't believe that he would want to pull it off! Lol:0)

Pay backs can be tough. I'll bet your mom is laughing.

Kellan said...

So true - they just tell things like they are, don't they? It is a great cart cover though - I hope he gets used to it. Take care, Kellan

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That cover is a good idea. There's nothing like it in Britain.

Amanda said...

Bilbo: I'm glad your daughter found the site useful.

John: I had a chat with my mom this morning. She confirmed it...Payback hahaha!

Kellan: From all the stories of your kids, it sounds like I'll have plenty more of these honest moments!

JL: Let me know if anyone would want to buy one ok ;) Shipping costs would probably not make it worthwhile though.....