Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Flashback

Christmas 1977
This was only my 2nd Christmas so I don't have ANY recollection of it. I imagine that it would have been a warm time with my parents and grandparents. In that year, I was still the first grandchild on both sides of the family.

Christmas 1987
It was on this Christmas day that my mother, brother and I left Ipoh, Malaysia to make our new home in Brisbane, Australia. My father had already gone ahead several months earlier and we were joining him for Christmas Day. I remember that our last meal in Ipoh was at a Thai Restaurant. We had the usual, Pandan Leaf Chicken. My main memory of Christmas in Brisbane was this incredibly small, one room apartment that we all crammed into. We only had a radio, no TV, and the song that was playing repeatedly was La Bamba. I think we stayed at this place for a couple of months before my parents bought the house that they still live in now.

Christmas 1997
Ah...Fresh out of university and back in Ipoh for the usual summer holidays. I had no intention of moving back to Malaysia but on Christmas Eve that year, I was offered a job at Intel, Penang. Just like everything in my life, it wasn't planned and I just went with the flow, accepted it and have yet to move back to Brisbane. Afterall, it was my dream job. Back then, I had imagined myself working in an environment that was clean and white. This was the exact job for me - Manufacturing Systems Engineer in a cleanroom environment (only 10k particles per square meter and EVERYTHING was white)

Christmas 2007
I've finally re-ignited my Christmas spirit and am looking forward to lots of food, friends and shopping in Kuala Lumpur. Only thing lacking will be extended family but I'll have Richard and Aaron.


Kellan said...

Cool, looking back on years past - hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year. See you soon. Kellan

John said...

Flash forward---2037, Aaron writes:

2007--This was only my 2nd Christmas so I don't have ANY recollection of it. I imagine that it would have been a warm time with my parents.

Merry Christmas, Amanda

Bilbo said...

AARRGGHH!! Christmas 1977 was only your 2nd Christmas? I was 26 years old, living in Louisiana, and had two children in 1977. I feel seriously old...

Heidi Hyde said...

What a neat post-- a cool little snapshot into your Christmases past!


Amanda said...

Kellan, HH: Glad you both enjoyed this post. It was a fun one to think about.

John: Now THAT is a scary thought. 2037. Aaron will be my age! I hope he really will have as good memories as I.

And Bilbo: You should be feeling young considering that you already have 3 grandchildren now. Since having Aaron, I've started feeling that I should have started earlier.

WorksForMom said...

Wow, you've seriously put on some miles. What a nice trip down memory lane Amanda.