Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Loss of Blog

Have you ever been spooked by the sudden inability to pull up your blog? I have. This morning! At the beginning of the year, when I first started blogging, it was just to see what the hype was all about. Now, at the end of the year, I'd be heartbroken if I lost the year's 'work'. And then there is the whole thing about how all my regular readers would find me. But of course, all I'd need to do was go visit each of them and tell them that I had moved. Hopefully they like me enough to go change their bookmarks.

Would I really go into paid web hosting choices? Blogger has been stable and reliable most of the time. It was only this one time that I had problems with it. I browsed around anyway for webhosting choices. There is a website (http://www.webhostingchoice.com) that helps with comparisons but I hope I never have to actually pick one. That site even had a 'Learning Center' which included information on Scams and Cheap Hosting. Its a good site for those who are serious about finding a paid web hosting service.

I'll be staying put for the moment. After all, its just a hobby, no sense in forking out extra cash when I don't need to.


Bilbo said...

I've read a number of comments from different people complaining about Blogger. I've never had any serious trouble...delays in logging on, occasionally, but I've never lost anything or had a fatal problem. It is, of course, a free site, and one always gets what one pays for...but on the whole, I'm pretty satisfied. I'd hate to have to change and worry about losing my readers (that's what helped sink my radio show years ago...we got a new program director moved all our air times around into what he thought was a better thematic grouping of shows, then didn't bother helping us with the advertising to let people know where their favorite shows had disappeared to).

Amanda said...

WOW Bilbo! You used to be a DJ? That must have been fun fun fun! You sure are multi talented. language, dancing, dj-ing....plus your day job!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It is sometimes better to stay with what you know.