Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feeling Un-Christmassy

I never thought that I'd feel this way. Especially with all the blogs out there setting the scene for Christmas. It feels as if everybody is blogging about the tree, the shopping, and all the other preparations. Many blogs have even put on a Christmassy background. It makes me feel like I'm looking into another world where Christmas is about to happen.

I started looking forward to Christmas about a month ago but now, there doesn't seem to be the same feeling of anticipation. I probably could have done more to help it but I didn't. I chose not to get a tree because I didn't want to have to stop Aaron from destroying it. So, while I'm enjoying the Christmas carols that I play repeatedly for Aaron, thats about the only thing we've done in this house. I'm kicking myself now for not getting a little tree. Yes, I know, Christmas is more than just about a tree but it helps.

Out and about, nobody talks about Christmas. The shops aren't decorated in any way. There was one store with Christmas carols playing but that wasn't enough to bring any mood to the place.

Maybe its the fact that I don't have a big family reunion to look forward to. This year, my parents will be in Brisbane, my brother in Canberra and we will be in Kuala Lumpur.

I shouldn't just sit here and moan about it. I need to do something. Otherwise, it will be a whole year before Christmas again!!

Here is a photo from last Christmas. Aaron couldn't even sit up back then.


Heidi Hyde said...

I think I've said it before-- but that child is beautiful!

Here's to hoping we both find the Christmas spirit before it's too late!


Kellan said...

I'm sorry you aren't in the Christmas spirit - I haven't been much this year either - I don't know exactly why. I'm hoping it will just kick in and it hasn't yet. That's a cute picture! Have a good day, Amanda. See ya.

Bilbo said...

You have no reason to feel un-Christmasssy. If you want a REAL excuse to feel un-Christmassy, you should see the door of our office, which somehow won the door-decorating award for our Pentagon directorate. Picture a door wrapped in "Transformers" wrapping paper and featuring a green-crepe-paper-and-paper-bag tree described by one observer as "pregnant-looking." Festoon all this with red-gold tinsel garlands, fake snow, and various-sized Transformer toys (one of which is actually an angel), and it should be enough to scare you right out of the Christmas mood for at least a year. Thank goodness we aren't allowed to take pictures inside the one should see anything like this! Merry Christmas...hope you get the mood back soon!

Amanda said...

HH: Thanks for the compliment. Hope your day today is better than yesterday.

Kellan: You too? We've still got a couple of weeks....its not too late :)

Bilbo: That door does sound a little scary when I imagine it wildly. Maybe its a sort of 'Keep Out' message LOL!

Nap Warden said...

I can't help with the Christmas spirit...but what a cute little guy!

Serina Hope said...

He is adorable.
Poor you though.
You need to make Christmas in your place. That will help.
Tree it up and all.
I hope it gets better!!
Oh and I tagged you for a story meme if you feel up to it!! No pressure