Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sticky Maze

This crazy sticky maze was awesome experience. I don't like the word 'awesome' because its so overused by Aaron but I think its appropriate here because I think I had the same experience that he did. These days, it is rare to have a new and fresh experience that I can fully enjoy - grinning from ear to ear and rubbing my hands with glee type of enjoyment. I honestly felt taken back to the carefree days of my younger years for the thirty minutes we were in there.

The maze was made up of strips of sturdy sticky tape making the backbone of the walls and torn up strips of newspapers stuck on by people going through it. To set the mood, there was some lively gypsy sounding music played by a one man band at the center of the maze. It was crazy sounding!

This sign is a little hard to make out so here's the translation: "Sticky Maze. Walls are walls you can't go through them. Watch out for little children. If it gets too crowded find a quiet corner and wait." Click on the photo to make it bigger -  it just seemed to make the maze more inviting because it looked like work done by a child.

There weren't any high spots that I could get to to take a photo of the entire maze. What a pity! (Yes, there is the ferris wheel in the background but that would cost something like $15 per person)

Here's Aaron looking for empty spots to stick his strips on. If you're wondering how there would be any, the answer lies with kids like Adrian. He walked through pulling strips off instead and many other children were doing that too. 

Sprinkled around the maze were these funny looking people. They must have known that some kids would be be collectors of the strips because this guy's job was to  help sticky tape the newspapers around the little bodies so that their hands could be free to collect more. Unfortunately, Adrian would have none of that tape on him.

The most enjoyable part of this maze experience was the fact that I didn't need to keep an eye on Aaron and Adrian. Aaron led the way with Adrian following him everywhere. I didn't even bother to keep that close an eye on them because they weren't going to be going anywhere.

Too bad this was just a temporary setup and has been taken down already. But then again, the second time through it probably wouldn't be as much crazy fun.


Mike said...

This is a great idea.

Mike said...

I emailed a sticky note youtube video to our parks department. They had never seen this before. Their interest is piquied.

Amanda said...

Mike - Its so simple yet so much fun. I hope they organise a sticky maze near you!