Monday, June 11, 2012

A Good Day To Make A Mess

This was Aaron four years ago at around two years old. I often let him make a mess of the place and himself with the one and only bottle of purple paint that I bought. Lots of fun for him but the clean up was no fun for me.

Its a public holiday today and Richard is at home to help out. What a great opportunity for me to let Adrian have a go at making a mess! Although, it appears that Aaron is still the one who makes the biggest mess.

It was inevitable that when the time came to clean up, the paint did get on things that it shouldn't have but we have that sorted out now.

Its a pity that parents spend so much time either telling children not to make a mess or asking them to clean up a mess. I could see Aaron feel the sudden freedom of being allowed to mess all the colours up with his hands and not be told to be careful about the paint getting on the floor or on his clothes. He carried on that freedom a little too much by leaving a handprint on the wall but that was cleaned up quite easily. We were prepared for that so there was only laughter about it all.

Unfortunately, not every day can be like today.


Scott and Elaine said...

You are so brave! The thought of such mess has kept most of our paint and accessories in the box. Some still unused. I keep putting it off until i think the girls are old enough to cobtrol such mess. Lol

I know.. I need to let loose. R E L A X.... Breath.

Mike said...

Purple, the royal color.