Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Foggy Day

We had an interesting drive to school this morning. It was foggy for most of the 15 minute drive. Oh, some of you might feel that this is not blog worthy but it is. Why? Because our usual drive is under a blue sky and blinding sunshine. This strange day even had the boys speaking in soft voices for the entire drive. 

Fog = soft spoken boys! Who would have thought....

I even turned off the radio to make it seem foggier. Here's a photo I took from the car park at around 8.50am (yes, we were late again.)

 This was taken from outside Aaron's classroom.

And this is what it looks like almost every other day of the year!

I'm loving winter! Its around 10 degrees Celsius in the mornings and reaches the low 20s by midday. I wish it would get colder than this in Brisbane.


Mike said...

Here's the plan for quiet boys. Tape plastic to all the car windows. Instant fog!

NomadicExpat said...

LOL @ Mike's comment!

i'm a big believer that weather affects one's behavior, emotions and energy level, which is why I chose to live in that part of SF that never really got too foggy and that winter in Shanghai makes me feel really crappy as it's grey, grey grey and rainy, rainy, rainy for about 4 months straight! My energy level just dips during that time.