Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interesting Sights At The Zoo

Our day at the zoo didn't turn out as super as I hoped it would. I thought it would be a fun day for the kids but not long after we got there, Aaron started to say he didn't feel well and was dizzy. A little later on, I noticed that he had a slight fever. (Maybe it was caused by his tooth. Who knows?!) It was only a small zoo so we had a walk to see all the animals but we didn't get to linger as long as I would have liked to.

The whole zoo was interesting and pleasant but there were two specific things that I saw that I found extra interesting. The first was this albino wallaby. According to this article, it may have sunscreen on it!

Next up, we have these seemingly toilet trained alpaca. I don't know how they're mom did it but she's gotten further with them than I have with Adrian at the moment. 

I left the photos uncropped so you can see that there is only one patch of evidence. All the alpaca went to that same patch and the rest of the enclosure was clean except for what the sheep left around the place. 

By the way, they're not only smart in how they go to the toilet, they are also really good at snatching the feed bags away from unsuspecting children. Adrian's bad was pinched out of his little hand but the alpaca tried to eat it all immediately instead of running away with it so I managed to get the bag back - slimy, soggy bag. 

Adrian had a very good time looking at all the animals and feeding many of them but Aaron was mostly uncomfortable. Maybe we'll go back again some other day.


NomadicExpat said...

Poor Aaron... Think it might be the infection from his teeth that is causing the slight fever?

Errm... whaddya mean that the alpaca is toilet trained? Can't seem to see it in the pic. Perhaps, you might want to leave Adrian in their pen for an afternoon and see if they might be able to teach him a thing or two?

Albino wallaby... Interesting!

Mike said...

So you got the slimy, soggy bag back, huh? You may have won the battle but lost the war.

Amanda said...

NE - Click on the photos to make them bigger. Then take a closer look around.

Mike - You're right. Nobody else wanted to hold the bag afterwards even though there was still a bit of dry feed inside.