Monday, April 30, 2012

Strangely Patient and Motivated

I've had a strange day. Yesterday must have been more rejuvenating that I thought it would be. I woke up patient and motivated. This is a BIG deal, especially when you consider the fact that I didn't fall asleep until around 2am (I blame the hazelnut bubble tea that I had in the afternoon).

We dropped Aaron to school on time and afterwards, Adrian and I spent some time at a new park we discovered. There was a big duck pond and I spent a good twenty minutes answering questions about the pond, ducks, swans, funny birds with red beaks, green stuff in the water (didn't look like algae). I often find myself feeling impatient with all the repeated questions that make no sense to me but I didn't feel annoyed today. And when it was time to go, Adrian must have felt very satisfied with my answers because there was no protest and we made our way slowly, but without detour, back to the car.

At home today, we worked on activities that involved fine motor skills - cutting, gluing, sticking and drawing. And once again, I didn't feel that I needed to hurry or be doing anything else. I didn't go on the internet as soon as I thought he was occupied. While spending all this productive time with Adrian, I also completed two rounds of laundry so all our winter clothes are now ready to wear.

I've managed to keep to my own rule of only allowing two different types of toys out at the same time. This is hard to do because I still need to remind Adrian to put away before pulling the next thing out and he has not caught on to this idea as willingly as Aaron did. Still, it has happened today because I have been patient and motivated.

And why is all this blog worthy? Because it has been a good day for me as a stay-at-home mom. I did all the stay-at-home wife things like laundry/meals/cleaning/etc and the stay-at-home mother things like teaching Adrian to read, write and count. Its not that I don't ordinarily do those things but very often, only one or the other gets done and sometimes, things are carried out in a grumpy way. Motivation usually isn't a problem for me but patience .... well, that has been worn down by the little, but daily, frustrations of dealing with little ones. So patience, must be the key to good days. Patience leads to less frustrations, which means more happy times, and that means the motivation levels stay high naturally and things get done!

Ok...patience. Where can I get more of this from?

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Mike said...

'..with all the repeated questions..'

Enjoy this now. He hasn't created his 'nothing box' yet.