Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mothers Miss Out On Music

I constantly feel that becoming a mother has made me slow in getting to know about things, or to even get to know about things at all. Sure, I've been learning about a whole new world of things but that has come at the cost of knowing things from my old world.

The biggest example would be music. I used to know all the latest songs, who sang them and very often, I knew enough of words to sing along. These days, I'm thankful for the school run in the mornings and afternoon because I get to listen to the radio so I get snippets of what the music world sounds like. To demonstrate how ignorant I was, let me tell you that I kept hearing the song 'Somebody like you' and thinking that I liked it a lot but for a long time I didn't know what it was called and I definitely had no idea who Adele was. It must have taken me a couple of months to find out she sang it and then a couple more months to realize how popular she is. *sigh* On the other hand, I know the name 'Justin Bieber' but I don't know a single one of his song....I'm guessing thats a blessing.

Richard must have some secret stash of music time somewhere because he seems to know everything. If something comes on the radio that I like, and he's in the car, I just ask him about it.

I've had quite a bit of time at home this weekend and a lot of it has been spent on YouTube. This weekend reminds me of being a teenager when I would just sit and listen to music. Now, I sit, watch and listen to music and I've been doing it for most of the weekend. I know who sings what and I know what they look like.

My favourite 'discovery' is this song by the Plain White T's. The song that led me to them was 'Hey there Delilah' from 2007. Yes, its taken me FIVE years to find out the band name. Anyway, my 'discovery' is another song of theirs from 2008.

I don't see myself getting any better at song or artist identification and I don't mind. I've just had a good time 'catching' up on something that I haven't had time to do in a long while.


Mike said...

'most of the weekend'

Alright, way to get back into the nerd mode.

Amanda said...

Mike - LOL! Yes....

Bilbo said...

Back when I was doing my radio show I was always up on the latest music. Lately, though, I tend to just listen to the music that's already in my collection, and I don't know much about current tunes. Thank goodness my daughter points me to things she thinks I'll like (like Adele!).