Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aaron Excavated A T-Rex!

Its true!

A good friend of mine is an awesome gift giver and over the years, she has given Aaron and Adrian many interesting presents (as well as nice clothes!). This mini dinosaur excavation kit was a Christmas present that I only passed on to Aaron three weeks ago. It was the perfect present for a dinosaur obsessed little boy.

The above photo was about as far as he got on that first day. The block was quite hard and the activity lasted him a whole three weeks. He had to hammer at it, then brush off the sandy bits, then hammer some more, going through the process many times before a piece of the skeleton would come off.. It made a really big mess so I would only let him do it when I had time to setup, supervise the work and supervise the cleanup. 

I had the intention of taking many more photos towards the end of the process but the mess was uncontrollable by then. That powder was everywhere and Adrian was helping to transfer it all over the house. 

Here is one final photo of the assembled T-Rex skeleton. 

If anybody is interested in this kit and you haven't seen it in the stores, here's what the box looks like. Not that I'm advertising for them or anything, I just thought it was a great activity.


Mike said...

Now Aaron needs to go bury the T-rex somewhere so when somebody finds it a million years from now they'll be really confused.

Fiona said...

Aaron has patience! we got the same thing for kaeden and we soaked the thing and removed it in less than an hour. I couldn't stand the mess and kaeden was too young to understand the excavation part!