Friday, April 20, 2012

So Many Reasons To Be Happy

I actually started this post at around 2pm yesterday. The very first sentence was "Some days are just so much easier than others. And, this was one of them..."

The reasons were:
1. Beautiful blue skies with fluffy white clouds here and there. It looked like the pictures you see in children's story books.
2. Easy morning getting Aaron ready for school.
3. Aaron and Adrian did all sorts of cute things together, making me forget about the times that they are screaming at one another.
4. It was Thursday and I was looking forward to clogging at night.

Then I realised that I'd have to continue blogging in the evening because it was time to pick Aaron up from school. So, off I went.

First off, there must have been some sort of incident on the freeway and the traffic was backed up all the way to where I get onto the road. After about fifteen minutes of crawling along, our car starts to jerk each time I moved it. Then the message on the panel comes up "Transmission. Consult Workshop". Great! I'm in the middle of the freeway, already in a traffic jam, Aaron is waiting for me and now this? What happened to that easy, happy day?

Surprisingly, I did still have a happy day and ended up feeling very thankful because...

1) The car managed to jerk its way safely into the school car park. I don't know yet how the transmission is after doing 8km of jerking but at least we got there safely.

2) Roadside assistance took 45 mins to arrive but they did come and were friendly.

3) Richard was able to leave work early to go home and get the other car to pick us up.

4) Another mother was kind enough to drop my house keys off to Richard because, of all days, he chose yesterday to forget them. Can you believe it??

5) There were more accidents on the free way and 'our' tow truck had to be diverted and took nearly 90 minutes to get to us. But, it got there and delivered our car to the workshop before they closed.

6) By the time we got in the car, I realised it was too late to cook dinner. Traffic was horrendous and I had to break my golden rule of never taking the kids to McDonalds. (It was the only fast and easy thing that was on the way home.) I am appeased by the fact that Aaron protested and said he didn't want any and that he would only have it this one time.

7) And finally, it was a happy day because I still made it to clogging on time.

What a day! I'm now driving the other car, the one that I have always worried about breaking down. It will be time to pick Aaron up soon. I'm not worried because at least I know what to do now. Yesterday was a bit of a learning experience. Oh! Another 'first' experience in my lifetime - I've never had a car break down before.


Mike said...

"Transmission Consult Workshop" is a new one on me. You must have a fancy new car.

Bilbo said...

I distrust cars that are smarter than I am, which is most of them.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I had to look up clogging - sounds interesting.
I hope you get the car back without too much $$.
My boys are a bit the same play so sweet and nicely for hours then try to murder each other.