Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Aaron and Adrian really crack me up sometimes. And very often, its when they've done something naughty that I need to laugh, but can't.

Aaron was in the bathroom today when Adrian went in to see what was going on. After awhile, I heard some brotherly giggling and things seemed fun but relatively calm for awhile. I was right outside where they couldn't see me and I felt very contented listening to them.

Slowly, the giggling built up to laughing and then I heard Aaron cackling hysterically. Time for me to go check on them - I wish I had a photo of what I saw.

Both of them were standing around the toilet. Adrian had both hands on the toilet seat and was peering in. Aaron, minus his shorts, had a toilet brush in one hand and a new roll of toilet paper in the other. He said that Adrian had tried to throw the toilet paper into the toilet and he rescued it. By this time, Adrian was trying to put his hands down the toilet again and I went to move him out of the bathroom.

When I go back into the bathroom, I see Aaron reach for the flush again. The entire toilet roll is now down the toilet again. Aaron has been stabbing at it with the toilet brush and its starting to fall to bits but not broken up enough to actually get flushed.

I'm sure all this happened in two minutes and I couldn't help laughing about it. Whats the point in getting angry and carrying on about it in a serious way? Maybe Aaron should have known better or maybe, he really didn't. I still explained everything and managed to get him to stick his hand down the toilet to scoop out the toilet roll mush. Everything was good in the end, nobody was crying or sulking and we all had a good laugh.


Bilbo said...

I feel that way at work most of the time, as I try to scoop something worthwhile out of the mush...

Mike said...

Two future scientist at work.

Mike said...

scientistS! Why is it what I hear in my head doesn't come out my fingers?

Fiona said...

is it true that only boys are capable of making a somewhat "disgusting" situation, comical?

kaeden has put us in such situations quite a few times and i'm always stunned for a reaction because i couldn't laugh but neither could i bring myself to scold.

boys=fun at some expense