Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleeping is Hard Work

My previous discussions on sleep have all been about babies and how they don't sleep. Well, today its about me and me not sleeping.

I know that I probably don't get enough sleep. Thankfully, I don't particularly like sleeping because there is not enough time in each of my days to do things like read, sew, surf the internet and yes, watch TV. Unfortunately, I also know that healthy sleep habits are required for a healthy body, healthy mind etc etc etc. So, I want to sleep.

And, I try. I make an effort to go to cut short all the fun things I could be doing and go to bed. But, it has always been a struggle for me. It takes me anywhere between 30 minutes and 120 minutes to actually fall asleep. I've been like this for as long as I can remember and it is frustrating. Its a waste of valuable time doing absolutely nothing - not even sleeping. If I get out of bed then I have to start the whole 'going to sleep' process again, waste more time and lose even more actual time sleeping.

Breastfeeding has been my temporary solution. Its been great this past year to be able to just lie down and fall asleep. Prolactin is the hormone that makes milk and its also the body's stress fighting/relaxation hormone and I think it has been my sleeping pill. I'm an addict!

Unfortunately, Adrian has been sleeping better recently. Have you ever heard a mother complain about such a development? I don't need to feed him as much at night and sometimes, he doesn't wake at the time that I want to go to sleep. So, I just lie there, waiting to fall asleep. Sometimes I wait so long that I'll purposely go wake him up just so that I need to feed him. Crazy isn't it when the goal is supposedly to have a baby sleep 12 hours straight.

Its 11pm now and I'm hoping to go to sleep. Hopefully, he'll wake up soon and I'll just have to feed him. Good night!


elizabeth embracing life said...

I love the quiet of the evening. No matter how tired I am, I still want to wander around my home and enjoy the things I like doing. A list much like yours. I did vow to get more sleep, and have been putting myself to bed, respectfully at 11pm each night. And there are times I get out of bed, because laying there is just a waste of time.

Mike said...

We almost hae the same sleep schedule. Except I get to sleep late.