Sunday, March 13, 2011

We've Got Another Talker

Over the past few weeks, Adrian as been using an increasing number of words. Most of them are still hard to decipher but once we've figured out what he's saying, we've noticed that he uses the same mispronounced word for that object. The strangest one by far is 'bachi' which he uses for 'tomato'.

The past week has been particularly interesting because I've had a lot more one on one time with him and it seems to have spurred him on even more. It is very gratifying to see some direct results from my time at home. We have a toy tortoise whose head comes out after pressing down some colored shapes. As we pressed through the colors, Adrian stopped at blue, said 'Boo' and then walked over to a little abacus we have near by and pointed out the blue beads and said 'Boo' again. That was a proud moment for me!

Aaron has always been a good big brother and very often tries to get Adrian to play with him. All the while, Aaron will be talking non-stop and I guess Adrian is picking up on that too. So, while it might have previously been tiring having an all-day-long talker like Aaron around, it might not be such a bad thing now that Adrian looks like he's going to be a little chatterbox too. They can just talk to each other all day long and I'll listen in. LOL!

Yes, I already expect to someday be embarrassed by something that one or both of them will say in public. Today, I did feel a little awkward but it was cute enough for me not to feel full on embarrassment. We were in a crowded market and I wanted to look around so I asked Richard to carry Adrian even though I knew that there would be a lot of protest about it. He's going through a Mama-only phase. Anyway, when Richard took him from me, Adrian was crying and screaming a little and then all of a sudden, I hear "Help Me! Mama! Help Me!" Where did he get that from? And how could I not go help him?

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Mike said...

Adrian's lucky Dad didn't drop him, hold his hands up, and say, "IT WASN'T ME! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"