Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Surrounded By Germs AGAIN

This is the last week of Aaron's school term and we're having a round of colds going through the house. I hope its true that all this exposure is building his immunity! One parent mentioned a scary fact that at Aaron's age, the average was a cold every six weeks. That sounded terrible until I realized that Aaron just had two in the past six weeks.

Each time Aaron gets a cold, Adrian is guaranteed of one. And then I live in fear that I'll be next. My favourite line of defence at the moment is echinacea but we need to do more. Maybe some new games on washing hands and not touching our faces is needed. We need to do something!

I just can't believe that we're dealing with colds again today. Its becoming a constant in this house. I don't remember having this many colds when I was growing up. A doctor last year mentioned that Aaron had extremely inflamed tonsils that wont shrink back to their normal size and act as magnets for germs instead. That was when he was getting a cold every two weeks. But, after a few sessions at the osteopath, he was clear for about six months - till we started kindy. I guess we'll be visiting the osteopath again.

And, do you keep a child home until they're absolutely healthy again? That would be the ideal case if you didn't want to pass it onto some other family. But obviously other people are going to school with colds. I know that when I was in high school, I didn't get to stay home unless I couldn't get out of bed - and lets be honest, how often does that genuinely happen with a cold?

Alright, I'm off to war now. Adrian already has it.


Mike said...

If I remember my trivia correctly there are over 200 types of cold germs. .... I should check wikipedia. .... I was right!

kelly said...

hey, amanda....i can understand your fear...because right in my house, the two girls been sick since before Chinese New Year till now.....and i have a same question as you? do i keep Wen Hee at home till she fully recovered? the problem is, if i need to wait till she recover, this will probably last for 1 month, 2 months? Now i am getting lots of 'doubts' from people asking me ' I thought you are breastfeeding your 2 gals? why are they so weak and seem to fall sick every month?' Stressful life i am facing now...