Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Failure

I forgot what today was and didn't play any tricks on anyone. Must be a sign that I'm getting older. I've always played at least one lame trick on a family member each year. So, I don't have anything to report from today but I thought I'd share the least 'successful' trick that I've been a part of in the past.

This least successful attempt at a good time was actually one of the most elaborate ones that I remember being a part of. It involved nearly 60 people!

Back in high school, senior physics, chemistry and biology shared two science labs that faced each other. Occasionally, two classes will be scheduled at the same time. One April Fool's day, we had the bright idea for the students in the two classes to swap over. So, we did. And to add more to the trick, we all put our heads down on the bench tops and closed our eyes.

I got swapped over to Mr Cornish's classroom. In my memory, he was a huge giant with red hair and a red beard. I'm not sure if he was really all that big but he definitely had red hair. Anyway, he could not take a joke.

He dropped a big pile of books onto the front bench. BANG! It was LOUD. I'm sure those girls would have gotten a little deaf from it. Then, he went on and on about how we were wasting time. By this time, nobody was laughing and we were all waiting for him to realize that we weren't even his students. Boy did he explode when he realized that!

Till this day, I can't understand why he made such a big fuss. Why was he such a spoilsport? Couldn't he have just laughed and had a good time with all of us? The other teacher wasn't impressed either but definitely wasn't angry about the whole thing.

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Mike said...

Science teachers have no humor.