Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yes, I've been slack

I have plenty of reasons for the past week of not blogging. We maxed out our download quota again and were kicked back to dial up speed. I have a friend staying with us for a couple of weeks. I officially started the school run part of my motherhood journey. Aaron and Adrian both have colds. And the list goes on.....but in the end, its because I got a little slack and just felt like sitting around and watching TV with my old friend. It felt good :)

Anyway, its a new month and I'm going to get over all that laziness. I'm easing myself into thing by posting photos today.

Last weekend, we went for a drive to Caloundra and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Here is a series of photos that my friend took.

Notice the grey skies in the background? It was not exactly an idyllic day by the beach. The winds were gusty and it was chilly. There were two cyclones somewhere out there in the sea. Cyclone Anthony had minimal impact but Cyclone Yasi is now expected to hit Cairns sometime tomorrow night and mandatory evacuations are taking place right now. Its a Category 4 cyclone and is 500km wide. Scary stuff!


Scott and Elaine said...

Aww.. they both look so cute!!! Aaron makes a wonderful T-Rex and the pic of both of them just reminds me of the bond my 2 girls have. Charlotte is now quite responsive to people and good with her hands.

Mike said...

Looks like big brother is teaching little brother well.